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Farranferris Education and Training Campus, Redemption Road, Cork, Ireland

Call: +353 21 422 8101

NCE Insulation

Offering FREE Insulation and FREE Energy Advice

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Residential Projects 1. Avoncore Midleton Deep energy upgrade to Cork County Council houses  This project involved carrying out a deep energy upgrade to 34 houses in Avoncore Midleton. The fabric of each house received external insulation. Renewable energy technologies were also includ...


Commercial Projects Roscommon Fire Station Roscommon Fire Service carried out an energy audit on their building. They found that heating controls and lighting were two areas where they could make significant energy savings. There were 194 high performance LED light fittings with sensor cont...


Community Projects 1.  Siamse Tire theatre in Kerry  The Siamse Tire theatre & arts centre is based in Tralee Co Kerry. The theatre was built in 1991 and was not very energy efficient.  This project was included in a 2017 Better Energy Communities Project with NCE Insulatio...


Public Projects St Finbarr’s College, Farranferris, Cork Social Enterprises, Education & Training Facility The landmark building of Farranferris college which is over 140 years old received the following energy upgrade measures: LED Lighting installed, Boiler upgraded, attic...


Eurpoean Projects E Lighthouse     The elighthouse (http://www.elighthouse.eu/) project supports actions that increase the energy efficiency and uptake of renewable energy in buildings and thus contribute to the decrease in carbon dioxide emissions from the building...

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Farranferris Education and Training Campus

Redemption Road, Cork,


Call Us: +353 21 422 8101

Email Us: [email protected]