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Community Projects

1.  Siamse Tire theatre in Kerry 

The Siamse Tire theatre & arts centre is based in Tralee Co Kerry. The theatre was built in 1991 and was not very energy efficient. 
This project was included in a 2017 Better Energy Communities Project with NCE Insulation as the lead applicant. 

A consultation process took place between the Board & the staff and they decided to install Cavity wall and attic insulation to minimise heat escaping and to help regulate indoor temperatures. They also included renewable technology through installing a heat pump and Solar PV was installed to generate electricity. They also upgraded all their lights to LED with the exception of the stage lighting. 

Energy use decreased by 11% between 2016 and 2017 with related emissions reducing by 26%. The energy savings are estimated to be 141,660 kWh 
per annum.

The works cost €205,300 and were also funded by Department of Culture, Heritage & the Gaeltacht.

The main motivation for the organisation in carrying out the upgrades was to reduce their carbon footprint.  

“The CEO, Board and staff team at Siamsa Tíre are very conscious of minimising energy use and fossil fuels. The organisation is establishing themselves as a leader on environmental sustainability within the arts sector. Annual carbon dioxide savings are equivalent to removing over 10 cars from the road. Patrons to the building have said that they are proud of their efforts to reduce energy use.”

As you can see from the photo below, it is possible to upgrade a building to be energy efficient without affecting the look of the building itself.

This building was featured in the SEAI 2017 Better Energy Communities Casestudy Booklet. 

[Photo credit: SEAI 2017 Better Energy Communities Casestudy Booklet]


2. 2016 Better Energy Communities Project in Cork.

1.  Ard Bhaile & Glenamoy Lawn Mayfield - 158 Local Authority homes and Community Centre, Air to Air & air to water heat pumps, Cavity wall and attic insulation. LED lighting, average Rating Pre -works D – post works B2. Total Energy Saved 1.5 m GWh.

2.    Bayllyvolane Fire Station - 10.92 kWh Photo Voltaic System, generating 10,000 kWh per annum.




3.    Blackpool Shopping Centre, Retail Park - LED lighting upgrade, Innovative pay as you save finance model, Energy Savings: 3.5 GWh. 



4.    North Cathedral Church - 4.68 kWp Photo Voltaic System, generating 4,000 kWh per annum. LED lighting upgrade: Total Energy Saving 79,000 kWh. 





5.    McDonalds, Blackpool - LED lighting upgrade, Energy Savings: 35,000 kWh per annum. 




6.    University College Cork - LED lighting & Photo Voltaic Systems: Energy Savings: 1.2 m GWh. 




7.    Leisure World, Bishopstown - LED lighting upgrade: 218,000 kWh Energy savings.




8.    Blackpool Community Centre - 10.14 kWp Photo Voltaic Systems, generating 10,000 kWh per annum.



The project had a total Project Value of €3.4m and was part funded by the seai. There were multiple beneficiaries & partners, linking domestic, commercial & community & public sector, with NCE Insulation as the lead applicant

Total Energy Savings: 6,900,000 kWh



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Farranferris Education and Training Campus

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