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Farranferris Education and Training Campus, Redemption Road, Cork, Ireland

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Roscommon Fire Station

Roscommon Fire Service carried out an energy audit on their building. They found that heating controls and lighting were two areas where they could make significant energy savings.

There were 194 high performance LED light fittings with sensor controls installed which replaced inefficient fluorescent and tungsten light fittings. It is expected that they will make roughly 70% savings on electricity use. This improvement had a huge impact on visibility not only outside but also inside.

A Building Management System (BMS) was installed to reduce energy use for heat and water. This system enables them to control the temperature in various parts of the building which can also be control remotely.

They have made approximately 20,170 kWh per annum of electricity savings and 5,920 kWh of thermal savings by installing Solar PV panels. 

The total cost of work carried out was €48,900.

This project was included in a 2017 Better Energy Communities Project with NCE Insulation as the lead applicant.

This building was featured in the SEAI 2017 Better Energy Communities Case study booklet. Photo credit: SEAI 2017 Better Energy Communities Case study booklet


[Photo credit: SEAI 2017 Better Energy Communities Case study booklet]


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