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Farranferris Education and Training Campus, Redemption Road, Cork, Ireland

Call: +353 21 422 8101

NCE Insulation

Offering FREE Insulation and FREE Energy Advice

What can NCE Insulation do for you? 

  • Advise you on what energy grants would be most suited for your project. 
  • Link you up with other projects in your community. 
  • Put an application together and apply for grants on your behalf. 
  • Make sure that your project gets completed to the highest standard which will help you save money through reduced energy bills, improved comfort levels in your building and help move towards a low carbon future. 

If you would like further information on the FREE service or wish to submit an application, please contact us.

Farranferris Education and Training Campus

Redemption Road, Cork,


Call Us: +353 21 422 8101

Email Us: [email protected]